Stem Cell Treatments

Regenerative Therapy with Stem Cells,
Growth Factors and Platelets


Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapies for musculoskeletal conditions like tendonitis, arthritis, ligament and cartilage injury are now a reality. The most modern treatments utilize a patient’s own bone marrow or fat, or amniotic fluid harvested from a consenting donor. With the newest treatments, the ethical concerns over fetal involvement have been eliminated.


Stem cells maintain the possibility of turning into several cell lines such as cartilage, skin, muscle, tendon, bone and more. All of the stem cell treatments offered with R3 Stem Cell Centers either contain stem cells directly, or activate the body’s own stem cells for repair and regeneration of the damaged tissue.


Currently, there are four types of regenerative therapies available through R3 Stem Cell to assist with tendinosis, ligament injury, tendonitis,  spinal arthritis treatment, extremity arthritis or cartilage injury.


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  2. Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Injections
  3. Umbilical Cord Tissue Stem Cell Procedures
  4. Amniotic Stem Cell Procedures




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